Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hotel for Dag

What a weekend! I spent my first night in a hotel! A hotel is a weird place. It is someplace that you go to sleep, but it is not home. Or the home of anyone you know. So weird! Mom said I was a good good boy. I laid on my GTB mat and chewed on my toys. Lovin' my boney-bone!
Dagan lying on his mat, chewing on his bone with his kong near byHey Lady, that flash is a little bright and is detracting from my chewing pleasure!
Close up ground view of Dagan chewing on his bone with his eyes squintedOK! OK! OK! Enough with the camera already! I am TRYING to chew in peace! Get OUTTA my face, or you will regret it! I'm telling you! OK, fine. You forced me to do it.

close up of Dagan's face with his tongue sticking out at the camera
Hotels are more fun that that camera!

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Love the funny faces you make Dagan! Yay for doing so good in the hotel!