Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me!

Bed rest is NO FUN!! I'm booooooored! Boooooored! I will back up and tell you my tale of woe.

It was a dark and stormy night... Ok not stormy, but dark and cold. I was in the living room, where my dog bed is and I heard a rumor that dinner may be hitting my bowl soon, so I took off at a sprint to the kitchen. I got there, hit the rug in front of the kitchen sink, slid and slammed into the kitchen cabinets. My left leg his the drawers - those drawer pulls hurt! But, since I didn't cry or anything, no one thought too much of my accident.

Until later that night, when Dad noticed that I wasn't standing on my left back leg. Mom palpated. Mom stretched and moved my joints. No obvious points of pain (I didn't want her to know what was wrong, so I just pretended that nothing hurt.) But, she knew better. When Mom touched my leg, I couldn't help but tense all my muscles.

I rested Thursday at work (no lunch time walkies. Bummer!). I rested at home Thursday night. I rested all night. But, still, I am not using my left back leg right. If I am standing still, I shift my weight off that leg. I sit down as quick as possible. I lie down with my left leg under me, so that all my weight is on my right leg while I go down. I rested at work on Friday. But, still Mom called the vet.

Off to the doctor! I was super polite while we were checking in. I sat patiently (until I slid into a down) while Mom talked to the ladies. Then, it was time to sit in the waiting room. Luckily, I was by a hallway, so there was lots to watch!
The back of Dagan's head as he looks down the hall in the waiting roomThen, when they called my name, I jumped up with excitement. I LOVE when people know my name! We went into the room for some more waiting before the Doc came in. I watched and watched the door for her to come in!
Dagan in a sit, in profile, watching the door of the exam roomFinally! She came in to say hello and check out my cuteness! She looked in my eyes and ears. She looked at my teeth. She took my temperature (really, there's GOTTA be a better way to get that info!) Then, it was time to inspect the leg. She pushed and prodded. She moved and swiveled. Then, she talked about x-rays. She wanted to sedate me to take pictures of my leg. But, after talking, she and Mom decided to use some anti-inflammatory meds for the weekend and talk to Guide Dogs about what we should do next. OH! Meds and BED REST! Boooooooooooooooring! So, I am taking my pills and hanging out on my dog bed. And sitting on my dog bed. And sitting on my dog bed.

I get to move from my dog bed to the car later. Then, from the car to the hair salon. Now that sounds like an exciting day, doesn't it?? Ugh.

Hopefully, this rest fixes me up so I don't have to have pictures of my left taken. My knee is a bit camera shy.

Keep your paws crossed for me!
Wags and Wiggles,


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Dagan! Bed rest is no fun.

  2. Ouch Dagan! :/ I hope you get to feeling better soon. I hope you are getting a lot of good toys to chew on! :)

  3. Poor Dagan! I hope you get better soon buddy!