Friday, November 12, 2010

The Rebellious One

Last weekend, we hopped in the car and headed to the town that Dad used to live in. First, we visited the restaurant where Uncle Jimmy is the chef. We sat at the bar, which isn't the most comfy place for a puppy. There is a weird ledge that makes it hard to snuggle in and be good!

Then, we walked around town and visited some stores. We went into the smelly store, where Mom picked up some lotions and stuff. You know - that tasty stuff that I LOVE to lick off! Then, I got to poop in the road with cars zooming by. Talk about excitement! No grass and no parking spots! Luckily, I'm OK with "curbing" and didn't think twice about what I was doing.

But, the real excitement was yet to come! We drove up into the hills, round and round and ended up someplace I didn't recognize. We walked into a house full of people I didn't know. It was kinda weird. Some of them knew me. They talked about how cute my FB pictures are. No clue who they are! Once we got outside, the real fun began! There were dogs! Not just people, dogs! Labradors! At least 2 1/2 labradors! Plus a couple other dogs. One of those dogs was WAY excited to see MY people. Umm... Hello?!?! Who is this Rebel guy who thinks he knows MY people?? Stealing ME belly rubs?!?!
Rebel lying belly up, waiting for some rubbingOOH! He was a puppy in training like me! I thought his name sounded familiar! Rebel decided that he didn't want to be a guide dog a couple years ago. Instead, he is a hearing dog for his partner, Meredith. So cool! Rebel was WAY fun! That boy runs as well as I do. We had a great time running in and around all the chairs that were set up for Rebel's house warming party. Fun!
Rebel and Dagan in downs, looking up at the camera with perked earsAll that running was tiring. But, not so tiring that we couldn't pay attention to all the people and stuff going on! We put our cute faces on to get as much attention as possible.
Rebel and Dagan in sits, alert ears and intense eyes looking at the cameraSee! Cute faces on. Maybe someone will give us something tasty now (something OTHER than kibble Mom! I know you had kibble!) No such luck for me! But, like always, Rebel is living up to his name. That's all I gotta say about that.

Fun Day! Can't wait to see Rebel again!
Wags and Wiggles,

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