Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 Things at 10 Months

Another month has flown by! I can't believe it! We have been super busy, with stuff going on every weekend. Tonight, I got to stay home alone. Why?? Because I have been SO busy that Mom thought I needed a break. Since I'm still "breaking" I'm letting Mom take over the keyboard to tell you 10 great things about me!

1) Dagan has fabulous ear personality. You can usually tell how he is feeling by looking at his ears. He has happy ears, sad ears, silly ears, not feeling good ears and many more!

2) Dagan is such a trooper! He handles our outings with such grace and ease.

3) Dagan has a great ability to get everyone to fall in love with him. People meet him and just adore him. It's partly the ears :)

4) Dagan LOVES his people. If he sees one of "his" people when we are out and about, he gets SO excited! I kinda worry that, if he wiggles any harder, he will wiggle his butt off.

5) Dagan has fabulous obedience. If I ask, he will do. He may put his sad ears on while doing it (like when I tell him "go to bed" when he wants to be doing something) but, he will do it.

6) Dagan is trustworthy. He doesn't mess with things that aren't his (unless they are ear plugs - but that is another post!).

7) Dagan is just darn sweet. He has sweet personality.

8) Dagan is a people pleaser. He likes people to be happy with him.

9) Dagan is a drama queen! He seems to get his feelings hurt at the little thing. He seems to sulk when he doesn't get his way or the attention he wants. The ears sag, the head droops and he generally looks like someone ran over his best friend.

10) Dagan loves his Mama. Dagan chooses Mama over most anything. That makes a Mama feel good.

OK - enough of that Mom! You are telling my secrets!

Here's to another great month!
Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Awww- Dagan sounds like such a sweet boy! He reminds me of a dog in our club who was super affectionate, cuddly, and got so wiggly whenever he was happy. I love pups like that! :)

    Happy 10 months Dagan. You sound like you are a really good boy! I can't wait to say hi to you at Fun Day.

  2. That's a great list! Dagan, you ARE such a good and lovable boy. You just make everyone around you happy.