Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun Day - the Preperations

OK! I know this is late! I've been a busy boy! (OK, not any more busy than normal really, but tired on top of being busy has kept be visiting my bed rather than my blogger friends!) I knew that something was up when Mom and Dad took me to the Dog Wash!

Dad does a great job of scrubbing me down! I always get nice and clean when he has me in the bath.
John leaning over the tub giving Dagan a bath
Dagan with a pink towel wrapped around his head

After the wet, comes the dry. I'm not sure why, but the only thing that gets really dry when they use the blower on me is my mouth.

Video Description: Dagan biting at the air from the blow drier, looking a bit crazy.

There was lots of counting shirts and organizing stuff in boxes too. Crazy! That's what it was! But, Gram showed up on Friday, which was WAY exciting! Then, when I thought there could be no more excitement, my friend Lulu showed up! This was shaping up to be a great weekend!
Baby Lulu FYL 4 mo sitting next to the recliner

More to come!
Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. It was nice seeing you and Dagan at Fun Day! What cute bathtime photos. I just love that one of Dagan with the towel wrapped around his head :)

    Dagan, you are such a lucky boy. Fun Day AND a puppy to play with. Sounds like an awesome weekend to me!