Sunday, August 29, 2010

11 Things at 11 Months

Dagan peaking out from under Cassie's legs, nose first into the camera
How did another month slip away so quickly?!?! I turned 11 months old yesterday! I know, this is a day late, but we have been busy! We spent yesterday in Benicia visiting my grandparents for Papa's birthday. He's 81! Yowsa!

So, what 11 things should I say about myself?? I guess I'll give it a try.

1) I do NOT like having flour thrown all over me! It gets in your eyes and everywhere! Yuck! It makes me put my sad ears on for at least 12 hours. BUT, my stand/stay was amazing while Mom ran to get the camera.

2) I recover quickly from most anything that upsets me. After being nipped by Dad's friend's dog, I was initially upset. But, it only hurt my feelings for a minute. Though I may initially startle at something, I figure it out pretty quickly.

3) My down stays have improved, with more and more distraction. I rock!

4) Sometimes, we have things that we still need to work on - or new things that develop along the way. This month, I have become totally distracted by my peeps. I love them! And I want to show them that I do. But, I'm working on learning to control myself.

5) I've become a champ at doctors offices! Score! Mom has had to go visit the doctor a couple times this month. I've sat through appointments, hung out in the lab and pharmacy. I rocked the X-ray area. And I sat soooo still during blood draws.

6) I rocked "Go To Bed" today! We went to a BBQ at a friend's house and there were 3 boys that were playing on my GTB mat. Mom told me to GTB. I found room for each of my paws to touch the mat around the boys, then just plopped myself down. I think I only squished one or two of them.

7) I am learning to be gentle with people. Grandma hurt her leg recently. As much as I love her and wanted to come running into the house to say hello, but I had to wait and walk patiently over to her. I did well though.

8) I finally learned to like my new dog bed! It is where I would actually like to be right now!

9) Home alone! I'm doing fabulous about being trustworthy when left home alone.

10) I'm loving Dad's drums! I heard his entrance on a song at church today and started wagging. Makes me happy to hear him! Only thing that would make me happier would be if I was allowed to run up on stage with him.

11) Mom doesn't like that I hit 11 months. Each time we hit the 28th, it is just one month closer to my turn in. While she knows I have to go off to college, she really wishes she could run for Mexico and hang with me forever.

Dagan laying on the deck, looking at the camera
Here's to another month!
Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Wow Dagan, 11 months already! You sure a getting grown up! Look at the handsome head you have :)

  2. Hi, my name is Elijah and I'm a raising Dembre, my first puppy for Canine Companions for Independence. Feel free to stop by our blog:
    P.S. Dagan is a very handsome pup!