Monday, September 6, 2010

Slacking in the Summer

Well, I've been quite the slacker with my posts lately! It has been a busy summer and is moving into a busy fall. I have a hard time taking a breath (especially when I am covered with flour!) But now that summer is coming to an end, I will try to be better! Dad is driving us back from visiting my grandparents in Fresno right now, so I thought I would start my updates.

Let me tell you this, Fresno is a HOT place! I'm pretty sure I wilted while I was there. People told me that I would be cooler if I would make friends with Pool like they did. But Pool didn't make the best first impression on me.

I saw Granger outside lying next to Pool. His head was over the edge and he was grabbing a drink. So, I mozied on over to check it out. I leaned over as far as I could stretch to sniff Pool out. I wanted to see if Pool could be trusted. Just when I was at the very furthest point in my stretch, Pool reached up and grabbed me, yanking me into his watery depths.

Mom and Granger only looked at each other to see who would jump in to save my water logged soul. Before those two finished playing paper rock scissors to see who would jump in after me, I had burst through the surface of Pool and was making my way to the edge.

Dad tried to help me make friends with Pool after I had spent time pedicuring and lunching with Mom and Gram (yup, Pool attacked me early - before breakfast!) Dad picked up my scorching body and walked me into Pool. But, after his earlier antics, I can't be friends with Pool. I hold grudges, ok?? Its not a crime, ya know. If Pool had been willing to apologize, I may have thought about forgiving him. But, he just churned his chuckles out at me, swirling water splashing all about. We may never be friends with that attitude!

If you discount my experience with Pool, it was a great weekend. Now, we are hoping for little traffic so we make it home in time to pick up my kitties from the kennel. Especially if my friend Montego is working! My kitties and Montego are all better friends than Pool!

More summer recap to come this week!

Wags and Wiggles,
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  1. I had a bad experience with water this weekend, too! The lake attacked me!!! So I climbed up on a rock and refused to get back in- cold water is not for me!

  2. We must have just missed each other. I went to LA to visit my Grandma this weekend. Pool really isn't that bad of a guy, but he does take a while to get to know. That's the only way you can survive here in the very hot months of summer. Momma says I love water a little too much. When we were at a Garden this weekend there was a pond and I tried to jump right in! Momma says that's not something to do with the puppy jacket on. :(