Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who Invented Screen Doors??

They should be shot! OK, maybe not shot, but at least sent to bed on the dog bed, rather than the big comfy bed where the people sleep! Now, I can either choose to tell you my story of pain and disgrace or keep it to myself. I am sure that you are already suspicious that something embarrassing happened to me. Since you are already laughing, I'll just do it. Share my story of woe.

We went to a friend's house today. I hadn't been there before. We hung out in the back yard. I played with my friend Luke. When he (or Mom - but let's face it, she was way less fun!) walked me in or out of the house, the glass door was obvious, sporting white lines in a grid. Ya know - something a dog can see!
Dagan standing in the engine area of the wooden car, looking up at Luke
Luke showed me his truck. He walked me around the yard. He helped me drink from my water bottle (I LOVE my water bottle!)I visited with other people (let's face it - I'm darn cute and people want to see me!) I ate dinner - always a high light of my day.
Luke giving Dagan a drink

It was a long day and the sun had set. The glass door had been opened to let the fresh air in. Since it was dark, we all of a sudden had kiddos biting the dust left and right. Since I'm black as night, I was just waiting for one to flip over me. Luckily, everyone decided to head in to the light before any more crying happened. One of the kids ran up the stairs to where the glass door had been. Some force field grabbed him as he tried to enter the house and threw him to the ground. The adults waivered between laughing and consoling him. I hung back a little and witnessed other people successfully entering the house, with no trouble from the force field.

Then it was time for me to go in. I walked up with confidence, knowing that I would have no problem entering the house. Step one. Step two. Step three up into the house. DENIED! Wham! The force field was back in tact and rejected my entrance.

Or so I thought. Once Mom stopped laughing at me, she reached up and opened a door. Yes. A screen door. Obviously, since two of us were creamed in a matter of minutes, it is a door that is hard to see. Seriously people, who thought of these screen doors?? I, for one, do not approve!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. It doesn't have to be just screen doors. Even those glass ones can do it. It happened to me years and years ago, and not when I was a toddler. I was probably about 15. I left a face print on that door and made my friend's parents come running to investigate the noise. ;)

  2. I loved having you and your parents over last night Dagan. Luke probably won't stop talking about you for a long time. He misses you already.-Rachael