Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie Diana!

OK folks, we are going WAY back for this post! Back in June (Yup June! I told you I have been a slacker this summer!) The whole family got together for Auntie Diana's 50th Birthday!
Diana with her happy birthday hat, standing with Uncle SteveWe all got together and went to Chevy's to eat. OK - THEY ate at Chevy's and I laid on the floor! But, at least this cutie was on my end of the table.
18 month old Caitlyn, curly hair and cute face in her pretty party dressCaitlyn is WAY fun! She showed me all her toys and patted me on the head. She tried to help me play with the noise makers too, but I just couldn't blow through them like she wanted me to.
Face shot of Dagan lying down, but his right eye a bit swollenAnd, best of all, my favorite guy ever was there! I just love having my Dad around!
John smirking at the cameraIt was a fun day! (Even if my eye did swell up in the car on the way there! Not sure why it happened, but my Mom always has stuff to fix anything with her.)

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Oh Dagan, you better watch out for that Caitlyn. She might even have YOU beat in the cute department. I'm sure you were a good sport about sharing the spotlight, though!