Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pictureless Post - sort of!

OK, I am going against the Wordless Wednesday theme today and doing a picture-less post. Well, sort of! On Saturday, Mom, Dad and I went to San Francisco to visit the Exploratorium. Mom was excited to get lots of cool pictures of me! Cause, who wouldn't be excited about getting more pictures of me?!?!

SO, we get there. We watch a video of geometry. Mom has the camera strap around her wrist. She takes a picture of me in the theater. We wander out to start the exhibits. We look at a couple things, then play with the ooblek display. Mom handed my leash off to Dad and wanted to take a picture. Only, the camera wasn't there! Huh?!?! Dad didn't have it. Mom's purse didn't have it. It wasn't on Mom's wrist. We searched the theater. We looked around the exhibits that we had visited. How far could it have gone?!?! It had only been like 10 minutes!

GONE! Nowhere to be found. Not in Lost and Found. Nowhere. Someone now has about 1000 pictures of me! Fabulous! While I'm sure that they are stoked to have a new camera and that many pictures of my cute face (let's face it, who wouldn't love that?!?) Mom was way bummed about her camera escaping. It was so cute and Nikon purpley.

I went on to rock the Exploratorium. Personally, I think they should have fewer "hands on" exhibits and add some "paws on" stuff. Not a whole lot for me to do. And Mom was amazed that I didn't have more kids mobbing me! Many of the parents were telling their kids that I was working and talking about how they should treat me. Some of the kids were telling their parents the same thing! I did get some pets in, which made me happy.

Still, there was the camera bummer of the day. But, with every dark cloud comes a silver lining, right?? Welcome cute powder blue Canon! Mom is super happy with it, despite missing her old camera (or the card, any way!)

So, without further ado, here are pictures from the new blue camera!

Hey Lady - I was trying to sleep! What do you mean there is something on my face? What was that? I can't hear you right - you are muffled, yet ringing!
Dagan on his bed lying down with his head up. He has a spot of fuzz on his muzzle. Right ear is flipped inside out. Left ear is flipped up against his head.
Yep, I'm sleeping with one eye open from now on! I gotta know when that camera is coming!
Sleepy Dagan on his bed with is head down, half asleep with one eye open
OK! Enough already! You don't need to put all 1000 pictures back on the card the same day!
Dagan's head on the ground between his front legs. Camera is down on the ground for the pictureHopefully, we will have many more great pictures to come!

Wags and wiggles,

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  1. What a bummer about the camera! I hope that's not the end of the story and that you will eventually get it back. But I'm glad you were able to get another camera so fast--photo opportunities knock!