Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun Day - Booth Time

Fun Day started bright and early! We had to get up earlier than we do to go to work! Crazy! I don't think Lulu had ever been up so early in her life! Luckily, we got to snooze in the car on the way.

When we got to Guide Dogs, the people got busy while Lulu and I occupied some crates. It was a lot of work to put up our Fun Day booth and get all our stuff ready to sell. We had great K9 Water Bottles and our Born To Lead shirts. Once we were all set up, it was time to sell!
Club members manning the boothWhen I wasn't demonstrating how our K9 Water Bottles work, I was hanging with my friends. Of course Lulu was there.
Lulu lying on her matTulani hung out with us too. She was a great sales lady!
Tulani lying down in the boothEven Don came by for a visit! It was great to meet some of my blogging friends!
Dagan and Don sharing some kissesThen, it was my turn to man the cash box (I was going into water overload!) Dad handled the money, but I helped him count and keep track.
Dagan lying next to the cash box tableWe had a great day in our booth! We are looking forward to some great outings this year and supporting our graduates with donations towards their harnesses!

Next up: Littermates!


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  1. It was nice meeting you and Dagan! Your club's booth was great, and I just love my Born to Lead shirt!