Saturday, July 17, 2010

K9 Water Bottle - You KNOW you want one!

Fun Day is coming! On July 31, 2010, my friends and I will be there selling our fabulous new K9 Water Bottles! They are made just for us dogs! The bottles are BPA Free, aluminum casing with a roller ball water spout that allows the water to be released (think Lix-it) made for dogs!

I starred in a video (it helps when Mom is the film producer/director/editor! Ha!) with my new favorite "watering hole" (my old favorite was ice cubes).

Also featured in the video is Miss Cabana and our friends Sparky, Lulu, Hestia and Shawna.

Here is a picture of the water bottles. (I am not adding an alt-tag to my pic on this one. A written description of the graphic will be at the end of my post).

Water bottles will be for sale starting July 31, 2010 at CA Fun Day! All orders places will be shipped after Fun Day. Bottles are $15.

Graphic description:
The design is a collage of words and a few graphics that wrap around the body of the bottle. The graphics are: a heart, a bone, a paw print, a sillouette of a standing golden, and one of a lab puppy sitting.Wrapped around the bottle at the top of the design is "Guide Dogs for the Blind." "Water" is written in Braille dots. The other words on the bottle are: friendship, obedience, socialization, future partner, Guides To Be, pride, hope, love, puppy breath, outings, loyalty, service, do your business, good manners, formal training and puppy raiser.

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Those are soo cool!!! Can people from other schools (ie me lol) order one?

  2. Sure can!! All shipping after Fun Day. :)

  3. Love the design! I'll definitely be stopping by your booth at Fun Day. Looking forward to meeting Dagan!

  4. I want one. Can you tell my mom how to get one? We're stuck in the heat in AZ and can't go to fun day. :(



  5. Is there any way I can order one of these from you?

    1. SO sorry it took me so long to reply! I didn't notice the comment until just now! We do not currently have any in stock and are debating if we are going to reorder. I will post on the blog if we decide to!