Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dogs in te City

OK - one last Fun Day Weekend Post! After Fun Day, we went with the Fresno groups on a ferry ride to San Francisco. Since Lulu was hanging with us for the weekend, she got to come too. We all the pups met up at the ferry building, then loaded on. We hung out together while the boat floated along.

Once we got to San Francisco, we all filed off, relieved, then headed off to the street cars. After a quick ride, we were at Pier 39! Lu's and I hung out with Tulani and Preston. Tulani is in our club and Preston is from Fresno.

We all stopped to take pictures at the back of the pier. It was great! We were such good dogs!

I did my best to look cute!
Dagan at the end of the pier with the water behind him, looking up at the camera
Lulu did too - for her first day in the head collar, she rocked it!
Head shot of Lulu with her green Gentle Leader
I listed to all that Dad had to tell me about the sealions.
Dagan looking intently up at John
Miss Mary and Preston posed for pics.
Mary sitting on a platform next to Preston, a 4 month old goldenTulani, Lulu and I did too!
Tulani, 13 mo yellow lab, Lulu, 4 mo yellow lab and Dagan sitting on the platform with the water and Alcatraz in the distance
So, that was the end of Fun Day Weekend! We haven't slowed down much since, so there is always catching up to do!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Preston, not Prescot! I called him Prescot several times the first couple of weeks too.
    Ferry day was fun...and amazing that the buses were easy for us to all get on!

  2. Sorry! I picked the wrong brother from Pele's litter! Pele, Preston and Prescott were all raised in the same group. Will fix it when I can pull it up on a computer rather than the phone :)

  3. That Lulu--she is just too precious, even in her head collar.