Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun Day - Brothers and Sisters!

OK! I'm a slacker! I know that this is one of the most important parts of Fun Day and that my Dog-ma is waiting waiting waiting to see my brothers and sisters! Sorry Dog-ma!

At first, it was just me and the yellows there. Delhi is my little sister and Duvall is my big brother. Well - at least his head was bigger than mine! Otherwise, we are similar in size (Hmm... I thought that my head would get bigger when the "Brain Fairy" came to visit. Someone didn't do their job right!)

This is Delhi:
Delhi leaning over her raiser's handThis is Duvall
Duvall's head, big giant head with a big smileMom says that we have similar smiles as well. He likes to give kisses to the girlies.
Duvall on the left kissing Dehli on the rightWe were so excited to see each other that it was pretty hard to get a good picture of the three of us! We seemed to all sit and lie at different times. It's fun to drive our raisers just a little nuts when they are trying to get us all looking in the same direction at the same time!

Our reverse oreo - Duvall sitting, Dagan in a down and Delhi sitting
Duvall in a sit, Delhi in a sit and Dagan in a down

After we were done with group pictures, Danell arrived! She was with puppy sitters that were not from her own club, so we didn't get to learn a whole lot about what she is like. But, she's cute! And looks a lot like me!
Danell's face looking up at the camera with her head collar onAnd, she gave me some good kisses!
Dagan in front nose to nose with DanellI wish the others had been there! It would have been great to see all my brothers and sisters again! I hope that they are all being good dogs for their raisers and doing great!

More Fun Day to come - but today, we are off to the Exploratorium! Yippy!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. That's cool that you got to meet your brothers and sisters. None of my littermates showed up, but my doggie daddy, Atrus, did. You all look a lot alike.


  2. Danell was just transferred to our club (Mt. Tam Guide Dogs)!! I met her for the first time today- I got to work with her at the puppy meeting, she's really sweet and did great with all the distractions. I've heard she is a bit of a handful in the house though :)

    Those are such cute littermate photos! Dagan, I bet you're going to have a great time at the Exploratorium. I can't wait to read about that outing.

  3. They sure are smiley dogs and super cute--but not as cute as Dagan, I must say!

  4. Cute photos! I also want to say Thank You so much for letting me know about the magnesium for migraines! I have been taking it and it does work very well! Thank you!!!