Sunday, June 5, 2011

When My Tummy Hurts...

I think about the stuff I LOVE to do. Running in the yard with my Foley is one of those things.

Video: Dagan running huge circles through the yard. Zooming back and forth, past a pole in the middle of the yard. Foley is pouncing off to the the non-pole side of the yard.

Foley normally runs with me, but the other day, he zagged when he shoulda zigged and wrapped himself around the pole. So, now he just romps at me as I zoom past him. Wimp!

But, not today! *Someone* stole a whole box of dental chews and *someone* chose to empty the cookie box, eating them in front of the window to see if people were coming back home. But, no one did! It was quite fun. But, now my tummy is mad at me. So, no yard running today. Ugh. Hopefully, my tummy will be less mad tomorrow.


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