Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh the things they make me do...

Soooooo.... I get career changed and essentially fall off the face of the blogging world, right? You would think that I would have all sorts of new and exciting things to write about. But, alas, life has become rather routine.

I go to work with dad or stay home alone. I go to my scenting class (but am WIPED out after and always forget to write!). Sometimes, I go to doggy day care or the dog park. Love my people, but not much to write home about - err, blog about!

On Saturday, we went to Uncle No Rule's house for a visit. Sunday was his Birthday (he turned OLD!) but we had other things to do on Sunday. So... we went to lunch and had a visit. Then, we came back and it was time to play in the yard. Let me tell you how these people play...

They PLAY, and *I* do all the work! Umm... fair?? Seriously? We played wiffle ball. Uncle No Rules spent his time at bat. Dad spent his time on the pitcher's mound. Me?? What did *I* do?? I played catcher AND fielder! Ummm... ok lazy people! Here is what the game looked like:


Yeah - that's ME running after the ball where ever it goes! As you know, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. I must say I am really bummed that that someone was ME! Seriously? I do ALL the work AND get hurt?? Ugh!

Let's just say this - catching a wiffle ball that has just been hit with your mouth is NOT a good idea! And, I will say this too: Tongues bleed. A lot!

Luckily, they heal fast too. It is all good now :)


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