Wednesday, January 26, 2011

16 Things at 16 Months (The Last Edition)

Yep! The title is right! This is my last Month post! There will always be more to tell, but it's hard coming up with this stuff! And this one is SUPER special! I am not sure I can beat this edition. Here's what's happening this month:

16 Things I want to do as a Career Change Dog!

Yep. That's right. I have come to the end of my puppy raising journey. A while back, I hurt my leg and they determined that I had pano. Well, the limp went away for the most part, but sometimes I still shifted my weight off my leg. I look a little dorky when I do it.

Dagan standing with 3 of his 4 feet square with his body. His back right leg is shifted out away from the body, though the foot is on the groundSo, as I started shifting my weight more and more over the past 3 weeks, Mom started asking questions and worrying again. I went back to see the vet at GDB today. Turns out, there is a little more going on in there than just Pano. I have loose knee caps! Go figure. So, as I move and pivot around, my knee cap pops in and out of place. This causes pain and I limp. As a guide, pulling into harness would put more pressure on my rear legs. My knee caps would move around and cause pain. A limping guide dog is not a good thing. So, as of Monday, I am a free dog!

Without further ado, here's my 16 things:
1) Get a super cute collar (rather than the basic black of GDB)
Profile of Dagan's head, showing his neck with a light blue collar with bones all aroundCollar - check!

2) Learn to get comfy on the couch.
Dagan sitting, a bit awkwardly, on a pink blanket on the couchCouch - check!

3) Spend time snuggling in bed.
Dagan lying in the middle of the bed, looking contentBed - Check!

4) Schedule an off leash beach day. (In the works!)
5) Visit a dog park (Mom's never been!)
6) Learn to shake hands.
7) Take an acting class (or a tricks class - some sort of fun non-GDB training)
8) Eat yummy treats (not kibble!)
Dagan sitting on his bed and my hand giving him a bear shaped dog cookieBear shaped dog cookies - Yum! Errr, I mean check!
9) Stuffed Kong! Can't wait!
10) Ride on the front seat of the car!
11) Sniff whatever I want to on a walk.
12) No more Gentle Leader!!
13) Illegal toys!
Dagan sitting with a stuffed bunny covered kong, a blue hurley and a chuck it flying squirrellToys - half a check. 3 is totally not enough!

14) Be Dad's work buddy and ride in the truck.
15) Help raise more guide dog puppies.
16) Stay with Mom and Dad forever and ever.

I started checking stuff off already! It's been a really busy day! And, my blog will continue! Poppy left for college and stopped updating you all. SO not me! Looking forward to lots of new adventures and fun!



  1. Dagan I'm sorry to hear about your knee caps. :( I am ecstatic to hear you have found your forever home! It looks like you had no problem adjusting to the couch, bed, and added treats. :) Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  2. I enjoyed the pictures. I would love to train guide dogs one day, it takes such a full spirit to take on that noble hobby. Don't know how well I would be at saying good-bye. Really really cute puppy!!

  3. Dagan - you forgot one.... peanut butter mmmmmmm

  4. Oh Carrie! That sounds good! I still don't know if I can convince these people to go to people food though... Maybe if I put my limp on real good and look real sad. That's a thought!

  5. I'm sorry about your limp Buddy Dagan. It must hurt sometimes. Too bad about not being able to be a Guide, but WOW! All that stuff you get to do as a Career Change looks so much fun! I'm glad you've found your home with your Mom and Dad.


  6. Congrats on your new career and home Dagan!

  7. Sorry to hear about your knees! It's too bad you won't be able to become a guide! But it sounds like you'll be having a great life a COC!

  8. Kyle is very jealous of all the perks to your new lifestyle. Keep us posted on your new adventures. We especially cannot wait to read about your work helping to train other guide puppies. :)

  9. So sorry to hear about your knees!
    Seems as my past guide dog puppies like to develop allergies - which "throws" them out of the guide dog training!

    Sounds like he'll have a great life though!

  10. So sorry about your knees, Dagan. I'm glad to hear that you'll be living with your mom and dad- you're going to have a lot of fun! Keep us posted!

  11. Oh Dagan, life as a pet is SO NICE! You are going to love it. And selfishly, I'm a little bit happy, since Cabana is going to love playing with you. Get better soon--I'll help talk your mom into letting you have an occasional scoop of peanut butter.

  12. Awwww. That's too bad but I don't get the feeling that anyone is at all disappointed. Will Dagan need surgery and if so will GDB take care of it for you?

  13. No surgery needed aaccording to gdb, though I have heard that there is a surgery that would stabalize the knees. So, that is being researched. But, no one is disappointed. There would be equal happiness if Dagan became a guide though.