Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home Alone! Home Alone!

What's a boy to do?? I'm kinda bummed. Mom and Dad took off and told me to take a nap, cause they don't expect to be home til late. What to doo? What to do?

Since I have the pawtop booted, I am thinking of doing some online shopping, then maybe finding some poodles to laugh at (seriously?? Who made those things??) Then, a nap on the couch (without the ok for napping blanket) and, ending my night with cuddling into the down comforter on the bed (after chasing those stinkin' cats away. I was going to sneak a snack from their box, but my head is too big. Bummer!)

Wish me luck (and if you see my Mom, tell her to stop worrying!)
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  1. Hope you got to watch Animal Planet and lounge about and snooze, Dagan. I'm sure you did great!

  2. No Animal Planet Miss Mimi. I was hoping for it, but if the satellite doesn't change it turns off after 2 hours (its addicted to channel flipping), but I sang to the radio all night. I was sleeping on my dog bed when they came home (I got nervous on the bed - I am still not sure that they aren't setting me up for a lesson around here). Mom said it earned me a trip to the off leash beach before the super bowl though! Can't wait!