Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Night Ever!!

Looking at my tags, I can't believe I have never brought up Katra! (Or maybe I have, but didn't tag her??). Anyway! Katra is my bestie. She is a little younger than me, but SO much fun! She is a yellow cross and is a PIT for CCI. Her rules are different than mine were as a PIT, so we have always followed my (more strict) rules when together. But, I have recently have chucked many of my rules (I even cleaned up a shredded cheese spill OFF THE FLOOR this morning! Can you believe it???)

So, last night, all my parents and Katra's parents were at their Life Groups at church. Normally, I go to such things (some changes aren't so great). Katra's mom invited me over for a playdate! UNSUPERVISED!! Holy smokes! I never expected that! One minute they were in the house with us, then we rounded the corner and they were gone! I thought something may be up because a couch had been pushed between us and the fish tank (*someone* almost had an accident with said fish tank recently when rounding a certain corner with a leg in someone else's mouth...). But, after recent events, I didn't think too much of it.

But, they left! Slipped out while we were checking out the pantry. Just walked away and locked us in! I was shocked! So, we did what any self respecting young labs would do: we played NON-STOP! We played tug with the rope, we chewed on each other, we wrestled. We didn't even notice when the peeps drove up and were watching us romp through the big picture window.

I just about dropped dead when I hit the car to go home. I slept fabulously!

Best. Night. EVER!

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  1. It sounds like you are loving your new life! Way to go Dagan. :)

  2. Glad you're enjoying your life as a normal puppy Dagan!


  3. I didn't know that GDB rules are stricter than CCI's. I think of CCI as being pretty particular!

  4. It sounds like a lot of furry fun; glad you got to have the playdate!