Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rocked it!!

I know! I've been MIA lately! Sooo much to do this time of year, ya know! Now that it is cool outside (or cold - whatever) I'm back to going to work with Dad most days. Lovin it!

BUT, I have also been practicing for my ORT which was yesterday. My last practice run at class was ok, but not fantabulous. In previous classes, I have done great, but my "find" looks different with the funny white boxes, so sometimes Mom has a hard time reading my alert. I'm a rock star, but sometimes Mom messes up reading me.

Sooooo... What happened at the test?? I ROCKED IT!!! 14.4 second find. Not my all time best time of 6.7 seconds, but rockin!

(Dagan in his search harness, waiting for his turn)

Now, on to competitions!! Yippy!


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